How to Set Time Interval & Schedule Auto Click ?

Here are the steps that will lead you to know about how to make your click on the mouse to be automated with the help of software on your own. The following steps will make you clearly understand where should you click and how to define it, the time schedule or whether to return the cursor back to the same place, etc.

How To Set Time Interval & Schedule Auto Click

After you finish the settings and definitions, you will be able to start the automated clicks by simply clicking the tab that named as “Start” and also you can stop the automation by simply pressing the button named as “Stop”. There is a edit box there, which will allow you to decide the number of time ones the entire mouse script must run by simply choosing the button named as “Repeat Count”.

Let us begin the process, by pin pointing the each click that needs to be automated. You know, that you will be having the freedom to save each clicks of the mouse in the script form and run it later at your convenience.

For this purpose only the Repeat Count option is given. It will allow you to choose how many times the clicks of the mouse must happen by entering any value or just make it run infinite times.

• The very beginning you enter the Xco-ordinate and Yco-ordinate on your monitor of the computer; you will be able to automate the mouse click. (Choose between whether left button or right of the mouse and double clicks).

• You can also pick up the type of the click whether the right click or left click and so on from the option near the “Click Type”

• Some time you may require coming back your mouse cursor and at that case, you should define the X co-ordinate and the Y co-ordinates. So please go and check for the checkbox named as a “Cursor back”.

• If at all you left your option “Cursor back” without ticking then while doing automation of the mouse clicks, your cursor might have moved to the particular position as mentioned in the X co-ordintate and the Y co-ordinate. Click of the mouse may be started automatically and it will end up at the final location you clicked.

• There is edit box which allows you to delay for a particular period of time. For enabling this you should go for the “Delay-Before-Click” option in order to delay your click in seconds.

• After finishing the specification of click of your mouse, please click the option which is named as “Add”.

• I guess, you have followed the steps above mentioned, if so, and then you will be able to re-test your new mouse click settings simply by clicking “start” option. If you want to stop the automated mouse click please use the “stop” button over there.

• Simply by following the above steps, now you are able to choose that whether to increase more clicks settings or you want to save those settings in a file script for the later purpose.

• Do you know how to edit the already defined click settings? You should click the option called List of Mouse Clicks and choose some of the fresh values and then finally press the update button. This way you are able to update the mouse click values.

Fix, when your Mouse to Click by using the Scheduling method:

If you want to run the software in a particular schedule by fixing the date and time… then you need two other things.
Priority number one, you should save the mouse click settings by simply clicking the Save Clicks
Second one is that you might require a scheduler.

Otherwise, you can simply use the .amk file to automatically run the mouse clicks. This programming encourages one individual to set a gathering of characterized mouse clicks in a script. Furthermore, this mouse script can be spared in the record for later use.

At the point when it is required, you can run this mouse script consequently by picking it. This way you are free to set the time intervals and schedule your mouse click by using the automated software.

How to Select Left/Right Button to Auto Click?

There are specific softwares which will make your clicks into automatic. You can simulate the mouse left click and the right click through this software automatically. You not necessarily click the button in the mouse, there will be a hotkey in the keyboard and you should press that key to set the mouse click to automatic.

How to Select Left Right Button To Auto Click

And each time you click the hotkey, it again makes an automatic click on the current screen. In IT parks people work very tirelessly and they often used to click the mouse button manually… if you watch them closely, it will look like they are playing games non-stopping.

But if they use this software, it will help them to make their click automatic… then they will have more sparing time, that even they can have a cup of coffee while working.

It is not pleasant for you and your surrounding people to hear the noise of the continuous mouse clicks, so you may require this software in that case…

The Purpose of an Auto Clicker:

Normally a there are many who just plays the computer games for fun, but there are many companies which engage playing games as a profession. A game company hires the employees to play games all the night and day.

There will be more scenarios, which a game player needs to play 2 to 3 games at a time. The work quality and higher efficiency should also be maintained in the midst of all the chaos. Here is where, the auto clicker software brings you a freedom. This auto clicker software works with more accuracy and efficiency. Auto clicker software can simulate as…

Auto Left Clicking method:

If you used computer frequently then you will know that the left button of the mouse is frequently used. The process of clicking the mouse left button allows you to select the file or anything.

When it comes to the games, most of the times… the left mouse button is used to pick equipment or attack the other character in the game. It is most obvious that your mouse left button will be damaged quickly.

That too, if you use it frequently then there is more chance that your left mouse button will be the first one to get damage. In the event if you choose auto clicker software, the left button of your mouse won’t be a frequent thing to be used. And in this way, you can save your left button of your mouse from the damage.

Auto Right Clicking method:

If you click the right button of your mouse, then generally at the most case you will see a pop up with a context menu. In most of the game, the right click of the mouse button will bring the game character to move from one position to the current mouse position.

You will realize that the right click is not as frequent as left click. The right clicking is the one tenth of the left click. But this is not same for all the time.

In some games or software, a person is will use the right click often. Here is where the auto clicker software comes into the help… You can easily emulate this work with auto clicker software.

Final conclusion:

If you want me to tell my opinion shortly, then I would say that this automatic clicker software will be a convenient tool for the game testers, software testers and for even a person who uses the computer a lot.

Only the person who is on the computer for most of the time knows… how difficult and tedious it is to click the mouse button endlessly. So this auto clicker software is really a helpful component in that case.

One can fix the left or right click automatically through this software. And this program is of free of charge, which allows you to use it unlimitedly without any interruption.

How to Get the X & Y Coordinates of Mouse Click Points?

An auto clicker software can help you record the X & Y coordinates of your mouse click points. It is an efficient and fast way to know what are the coordinates of your mouse click.

AN auto clicker software is a macro-like software that allow the user to automate their mouse clicks. With the help of this software, one or more mouse clicks can be easily automated.

How to Get The X & Y Coordinates of Mouse Click Points

You can set the software to click a specific number of times on different X & Y coordinates to allow it to help in your work. It can be extremely useful in a number of office operations and video games.

Finding X and Y Coordinates:

In order to check the X and Y coordinates of your clicks, you need to start the software. Each of these auto clicker software requires you to record your mouse click points or coordinates.

This can be done by moving your mouse to a certain location and then left-clicking or using a key to record the coordinates. Once you do that, the exact click coordinates will be recorded in the application and displayed in the application.

This proper X and Y coordinates will be shown in the application, and you can record multiple clicks to view as many X and Y coordinates.
Some software also allows you to save a set of clicks and coordinates in a list for future operations and references.

With the help of the software, you can then automate these clicks. You won’t have to do anything as the software will keep clicking on the points you recorded. The software will only stop once it is stopped manually by the user or its designated amount of clicks have been done.

Moreover, you can also configure different aspects and settings in the auto clicker application. You can change the click rate and amount of clicks to be done in a specific time range according to your requirements.

This way you can truly customize the software for any task that you might wish to perform with it. Whether it be any clicking work, office work or a video game, everything can be done once you have customized your software correctly.

Also, there are various software that allow the user to set different settings for different click coordinates. This can be highly beneficial for times when you want to double click at one location and single click on another.

It is a useful application, especially for RPG style games where the player has to perform the same action repeatedly for grinding items. Today, there are several auto clicker software available on the internet.

All of these are readily available free of any cost. These can assist you in a number of ways by automating your mouse clicks. The software can improve the efficiency of your work flow and let you focus on more important work.

Application & Use:

The auto clicker application are easy to use and can be operated by anyone. Be sure to install one that has all the right features for your functionality.

These applications are widely used for automation various office operations and also work on a number of platforms, including Windows, Mac and Android.

Such applications can help you ease up your task of clicking multiple times during the same task, where not much other input is required. The software can easily automate all your operations while you can focus elsewhere on other important work.

You can also find customize auto clicker software that are focused towards one specific task. These are usually custom made for one application area and might have added features for it.

These features might be conditional and only activate if certain conditions are met. These add more efficiency to the work and make it simpler.

Auto clicker software offers great advantages to people. Whether you use it for your operation or to record your mouse click coordinates.